Each week on “Veterans United,” our hosts sit down with members of the military community to highlight them and their roles in our everyday lives. Each veteran has a story to tell and this show is all about providing a platform for them to do so. You’ll hear valuable insight from the brave men and women who served this country and made the transition back to civilian life. Tune in to hear about the support systems these veterans used and the struggles they had to overcome to get to where they are today.

This week’s guests were; Jake Ammon from Addison Commercial Real Estate, Inc, Rob Bannon from TPG Golf Performance Center, and Dinah Coleman-Mason from Dinahsty’s Mediation & Constulting Services.

This episode of “Veterans United” is sponsored by The Fire Watch, Northeast Florida’s fight to end veteran suicide. They are uniting our War Fighters and allies to swiftly activate local assets, stand watch, and build a life-saving network. To date, no city, county, or state has systemically reduced its veteran suicide rate. This effort is the first of its kind in the country.