Welcome to “The Horse’s Mouth: Veterans Edition” with Tom McManus, a unique talk show where Tom invites veterans to sidle up to his bar to discuss military transitions, business, and life. Today, Tom sits down with Steve Buckingham from Campaign Sidekick.

Campaign Sidekick is a tech company that provides candidate’s with the tools they need to connect with voters and volunteers alike.

To learn more, visit https://campaignsidekick.vote.

How do you define success?: Success is forward movement. It is an ever changing goal and as such moving toward your goals each day is to me the foundation of real success.

What Branch were you in and how long?: I served 5 years in the Army, infantry. I was medically retired after an injury in Afghanistan.

After your service ended, how did you spend your time? Did you go back to school? Immediately Enter the private Sector?: Tried the private sector before ending up in school. I stumbled into politics because of another veteran friend of mine, Governor Ron DeSantis.

Are you a member of any Veteran’s organizations? If so, which ones?: I am a former post commander and life member of the VFW.