Each week on “From the Sea Suite To the C-Suite,” our host Nick Howland talks to veterans who have successfully transitioned from active duty to the business world. This week, Nick Howland sat down with Dino Guglietta from Intrado.

Intrado Communications is the nations largest Safety services provider and Telecom provider.

To learn more, visit https://ic.intrado.me/dinog.

Short company description: Nations largest Safety services provider and Telecom provider.

What Branch of Service where you in and for how long?: ARMY 3 years

What was your job in the military?: FDC Artillery

Why do you feel it’s important for people to know
your business is a Veteran Owned business?: Veterans can be a driving force for many companies owned or not by vets. I have a unique opportunity to help other companies drive mission critical objectives.

When leaving the service what was your biggest struggle?: Adapting to civilian life and work attitudes. I could not understand being lazy was acceptable

What resources for veterans did you find that helped you overcome that struggle?: Very little if not any, i was even denied my own GI bill use and subsequently lost all grants due to the VA handling. I had no support.