Each week on “5 Minute Salute,” our host Nick Howland talks to veterans who have successfully transitioned from active duty to the business world. This week, Nick Howland sat down with Wolf Critton, from Tik Tok.

As a 10-year army veteran, Wolf knows what it is like to see people, veterans, struggle. Thats why he is taking up a mission to help those in need by using Tik Tok.

To learn more, visit, https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeM4MKRv/.

Short company description: I’ve dedicated my life to helping fellow veterans combat PTSD

What Branch of Service where you in and for how long?: Army 10 years

What was your job in the military?: 11 bravo

Why do you feel it’s important for people to know your business is a Veteran Owned business?: I am constantly looking for ways to reach as many veterans as possible. The importance of my brothers and sisters knowing they’re not alone, on their darkest days, I feel will save lives

When leaving the service what was your biggest struggle?: My biggest struggle to this day is adjusting to a civilian lifestyle. The world that has no chain of command. With all that’s going on in the world you realize it’s nearly impossible to find that brotherhood again, without surrounding yourself with fellow veterans.

What resources for veterans did you find that helped you overcome that struggle?: Wounded warrior project, war horse for veterans, Outward Bound,National Veteran resources.