Each week on “5 Minute Salute,” our host, Susan St.Denis, talks to veterans who have successfully transitioned from active duty to the business world. This week, Susan sat down with Chad Neilsen from UF Health Jacksonville.

In addition to currently serving in the Florida Air National Guard, Chad is a hospital administrator at UF Health Jacksonville. Chad helps to integrate veterans hires at UF Health transition to civilian life.

To learn more, visit send him an email at cdneilsen@gmail.com.

This episode of “5 Minute Salute” is sponsored by The Fire Watch, Northeast Florida’s fight to end veteran suicide. They are uniting our War Fighters and allies to swiftly activate local assets, stand watch, and build a life-saving network. To date, no city, county, or state has systemically reduced its veteran suicide rate. This effort is the first of its kind in the country. To learn more, visit https://www.thefirewatch.org

What Branch of Service where you in and for how long?: Currently still serving in the FL Air National Guard, previously in the AF Reserves, 8 years running now

After your service ended, how did you spend your time?: Did you go back to school? Immediately enter the private sector?: Still active! As a career reservist, I’ve been able to serve and advance my civilian career.

Are you a member of any veteran organizations?: I’m a part of my civilian employer’s veteran support group.

What has been your career after your service came to an end?: I’m currently and ANG Public Health Officer, and civilian wise, I’m a hospital administrator at UF Health Jacksonville.

Was there anything or anyone that helped you during the transition from military to civilian life?: I currently help new veteran hires at my hospital for integration. Transitioning from career military to civilian is hard, and one that I understand as a Reservist.